Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hi guys!

I created this blog because I realize how hard it is to find good deals and steals on a low budget! I was looking through a couple magazines under their "cheap finds" section and I realize that a lot of the stuff expensive! $25 for a cotton t-shirt!? Please!

Being a broke college girl (and I hate to admit... a cheapie), I search high and low for the best deals possible. I always get asked where I get certain things I'm wearing and when I tell them how much I bought it for, they can't believe it!

You don't have to fork over major cash to look fabulous. Just know where to look and how to find it. You find the most fabulous stuff in the oddest places!

So basically this is just a journal of my daily life and updates of some fabulous finds that I search out. I love interacting with new people so let me know about your cheap finds!


  1. hello
    thanks for commenting!!!!
    I found it in my local drugstore but if you cannot find it around your area you can get it on amazon =)

  2. Hey , I LOVED Your Vintage Outfit With Your Anchor Shirt & Sailor Shorts !!!
    What Store Did You Get Them At ?