Saturday, June 12, 2010

Max Pure Brown Circle Lens Review

With Flash:

Without Flash:



Scale: Bad Good

These made my eyes look huge and cute! Very adorable!

Very natural! They look good under any lighting. They even look good in pictures with a flash.

Smooth and not pixelated. These do not give you the weird creepy reptile look like some lenses do!

If you've never worn contacts before, these might take a few days to get used to! However, you get used to them and don't even notice their there! I only wear mine 4-8 hours a day, any longer and my eyes get really dry.

Max Pure Brown Circle Lens:

So I finally ordered me a pair of circle lenses! I've wanted them for a really long time and procrastinated because they were like $30! But I then I figured I would wear them a few times a week and they last for a year... so I think they would be worth my $30! Haha!

I definitely did my research when it came to circle lenses.

I wanted:
1. Natural
- So after watching many reviews on YouTube and I decided to go with the Max Pure Brown Circle Lens. Many reviews said they were the most natural lens you could get while still looking dolly and boy where they RIGHT! These are super natural. Even up close they look really natural. So this is great if you have a job which requires being up to close to people.

2. Big (not too big)
- I was worried that if i got the 14.5mm they would be way to big and I would look like an alien! Fortunately, these are BIG but not HUGE. They look like you just have huge dolly eyes. This is great if you're looking for an innocent "doe-eyed" look.

3. Affordable
- They were only about $25 before shipping and handling (about $30 afterward). This is the amount I was looking to spend. I didn't want to get something that would take a huge chunk out of my pocket.

4. Reliable Seller
- Many reviews suggested as a place to go to get lenses. So when ordering I went with them. They are very reliable and quick to respond with any questions or concerns you have about your order. Also, they have a MASSIVE selection of lenses. You can find anything from 14.00 to 14.8mm+ in many colors. Shipping to the U.S. took about 19 days. They do let you know on the site that it does take about 3 weeks to ship.

Also watch the video for the full review!

I hope this information helped and answered any questions you had about these lenses!