Thursday, February 10, 2011

FASHION WEEK: Spring/Summer 2011

Its that time of year again! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has arrived! Following Fashion Week in New York will be London (Feb. 18- Feb. 23), Milan (Feb. 23- Mar. 1), Paris (Mar. 1- Mar. 9), & Tokyo (Mar 18.- Mar. 25)! Considering a lot of these are supposed to be for Fall 2011 (which always throws me outta wack), look for videos & articles from Fashion Week 2010...or Spring 2011? I don't know its confusing but I'm sure you get my drift!


This time of year is full of inspiration. You can always sift through the thrift store (which I love doing fyi) to find some trendy spring/summer pieces AND hit the sales rack to grab out the discounted winter gear that will still be trendy when the cold months roll around again.

Forever 21 Spring 2011

H&M Spring 2011

Bold colors, Neutral tones, Wide Leg Pants, Dance Inspired (Black Swan influence?), Lace, Stripes, Menswear, & Metallics are hott this Spring!

I can't wait until it warms up!

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