Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stay Tuned!

Hello guys! DAMN. I apparently I just suck at keeping my blog up-to-date. I PROMISE I will start posting more blogs. Like always everything has been a whirl wind these last few months. Things are now finally starting to settle down. SOOO...

I've been contemplating on a couple of DIY posts which are already in the works. ALSO another lens review. PLUS Fall Fashion Trends for 2010! After all Fashion Week just ended so I'm pretty sure that post is a MUST. HA. :)

Anyone have any favorites from Fashion Week? Hmmm?
Did you guys hear that MAXI SKIRTS are "the new rage"? WTF... seriously? HA.

Look Here:

Image from Forever 21: The Skinny

Okay I'm down with new trends and everything... but I honestly cannot picture myself wearing this... I'm 5'2" curvy chick. I'll basically look a frumpy sci-fi character even with high heels. But I'm sure there are plenty of you that can pull this off fabulously! Maybe I'll give it a try...

What are you guys going to be wearing this fall?