Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Belated Fashion: Fall 2010

Sorry for the delayed "fall" fashion post! It just NOW started cooling down out here in New Mexico. Sporting fall fashion in 80 degree weather is pretty difficult. Unfortunately I can't cover EVERYTHING that's trendy this fall, but here are some of my personal favorites:

1. I LOVE the military trend. Militant style coats are my favorites especially when they compliment your shape! I really enjoyed the jackets with some leather boots last fall.

2. I love this leather look. The leather dress and minis are my personal favorite! I have the mini but all I need is the dress and I'll be set!

3. Chunky knits & Ponchos! This look is so comfy and warm since its starting to cool down. The ponchos are nice to throw on with cute jeans and boots for sleepy mornings at school or a day at the pumpkin patch.

4. Leopard print accessories. Cardigans, purses, shoes, bracelets and more. A perfect way to accent your outfit. I want a leopard print cardigan right meow! Keep it classy not trashy!

5. Polish trends! Polishing my nails is how I unwind and relax. These polish trends are absolutely adorable. Purples hues, shiny metallics, soft neutrals, and vibrant gem tones a super popular this fall. These lovely shades are perfect ways to make your hands pop.

6. SHOES!!! Masculine oxfords, chunky clogs, pointy toed flats, cutout shoes, lace up and knee high boots are on top this fall. The oxfords have to be my favorite: super classy and casual.

Keep in mind most of these items can be found at Forever 21 and H&M. I can't wait to go shopping ahhh! What is everyone wearing this fall? Hmmmm?

Also just to throw in, here are some of my favorite recent finds!

My $7.99 leopard print stretch pants I found at Forever 21 last week.

Heart Suspender Style Tights ordered from ASOS. They're a super cute twist on the tradition printed tight!

For more trendy trends check out H&M's fashion press release!
ALSO for tons & tons of inspiration check out the lovely Ladies and Gents at!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Show Your Support

“There are brands no one should wear. Domestic violence is a crime." -APAV

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FACT: 40% of teenage girls ages 14 to 17 say they know someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend.

This is an issue that is very close to me... in case you didn't know October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence isn't something that only happens to middle aged married or a "red neck" couples, it's something that can happen to anyone. What many people don't realize is domestic violence does happen frequently, especially among teens.

The media skims over the fact that teen relationships don't only consist of partying, sex, and high school. Teenage relationships are deeply rooted in strong emotions like a first love. However, these strong emotions can mask the fact that the relationship is unhealthy and even sometimes abusive. Domestic violence can be looked over by the friends and family as "drama" or "personal problems" when in reality there is real abuse going on (wither it is verbal or physical).

It is up to close friends and family to step in and stop the abuse. The victim may not realize that what is happening to them is considered abuse or they might even think it is the consequences of their actions that is leading to the abuse.

It is embarrassing and hurtful to admit that you are being abused. You don't want to admit it to yourself or to your friends and family. Its also hard to wrap your head around the concept that someone you're in love with would ever do something like this to you. Also, I have seen many of my friends go through extremely abusive relationships, some ending by the choice of the victim and others ending by the force of the law. It hurts my heart that there are young victims of domestic violence looking for someone to reach out to but they don't know how.

If you suspect that one of your friends or family members is being abused PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk to them. Be there for them and help them take steps to end the abuse. Show your support this month by wearing a purple ribbon.

For more information on how to get help or how to get involved, please check out these links:

Love is respect – National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline

Stop Violence Against Women Campaign

Love is Not Abuse

The Domestic Violence Awareness Project

The Body Shop: Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence - Talk to a Friend