Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Perfect Black Summer Dress!

Since things are starting to heat up, I decided to go summer dress shopping. I SWORE that I would not buy anything thing black... and I ended up with a black summer dress. HAHA!

I bought this from Forever 21 for only
$13.50. I loved how it was a simple dress with huge scrunched shoulders to give it an edge. Its made of mostly cotton and a little bit of spandex. This is great because its stretchy and form fitting while still remaining comfy and breezy.

If you don't like black... I found it in several other colors:
-Black and Grey Horizontal Stripes
-Black and White Horizontal Stripes
-Electric Blue
-Grey with Black Polka Dots

This dress is super fun because it is easy to accessorize! You can pair it with heels, flats, sandals... chunky rings, earrings, waist belts, layered necklaces... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

This dress reminded me A LOT of something that you would see at American Apparel (I love their stuff but can't afford it) for
$36+! This dress from F21 is a cotton (95%) and spandex (5%) jersey knit dress... the same thing the American Apparel dresses are made of... So why pay the $22.50 more for practically the same thing!? Its definitely worth $13.50 out of my budget!

Below is a slide show of my dress

To watch the full review, please tune into my video below!

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  1. Oh gosh-- you have the most gorgeous figure, miss! :] And that dress is lovely~.

    Bargain shopping's even better when it's by brand. ;]

  2. omg I was just about to say what noxin said xD I love your figureee! <3 I wantt it xD Aww jealous. Need to get up my lazy ass and work for that haaaa.

    Pretty dresss ^^
    Are you the girl that comments on my youtube vids? :) with the susername brokeandbeautiful I think? hehe

  3. @Noxin Thank you very much! And yes it is the best when you find a name brand steal!!

    @CircleLensAddiction Thank you very much! I try to run about 2 miles 4-5 times a week! But lately, not so much ^_^
    Yes, I am the one that comments your vids! When my friend and I began looking for circle lenses, we loved your reviews because they were so helpful!

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  5. hey I just followed :) ! Love the dress, it's a great steal haha.

  6. Hey , amazing dress girl! :)

    Check out my blog

  7. your outfit looks very nice:) i´m your newest follower:)
    look at my blog

  8. Cute black dress and you look gorgeous.
    I like the simplicity of it since I can style it with accessories. =)

  9. really nice dress <3 looks so classy

  10. GORGEOUS!!!!
    And cute dog!