Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh no! Buyers Remorse!

Buyers Remorse! You get it. I get it. We ALL get it.

There is nothing worse than coming from the store, looking at what you bought and saying "Why the hell did I buy this!?" I know the feeling, you purchase something saying you will use it...and you never do!

I have wasted so much $$ on countless items that I said I was going to use or wear! The sale items are what really get me! Ha . Learning to walk away from a bad purchase will prevent buyers remorse and here is how:

How bad do you need it?
I know its really cute and you can't live without it BUT how bad do you really need it? Consider this before you buy.

How often will you use it?
Decide how often you will use the item. For example: You see a cute summer dress for $45. You love it! But really, how often will you wear it? Will you be better off purchasing 3 cute tops for the price of that dress?

Can you afford to purchase it?
It is a bad idea to go out of your budget for something we can barley afford. For example: You only have $100 to last for the rest of the week but you want that $75 make up set you've been dying to buy. Is it worth eating Ramen for the rest of the week? (If you love Ramen then that's another story! )

Don't buy it if you need to convince yourself.
If you need to convince yourself to buy the item... then its probably not a good idea to do so. It will very likely end up in the back of your closet with the tags still on it.

What's the return policy?
Before you buy make sure you know the return policy of the item you're purchasing! Many stores have a return for exchange or store credit policy. Some even have no exchange or refund policies (especially for sale items!).

Follow these five steps and I can ensure you that it will help with potential buyers remorse! This really helped me cut down on the pile of unworn clothes in my closet!


  1. Hi! =) I recently started following your blog & since I'm also a student on a budget I can't wait to continue reading your posts!

  2. I´m a student on a budget as well, thanks for this remainder and great tips!

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  3. haha omg i loved this post! it's exactly what i'm making myself do nowadays. i put myself on a no-buy ban to stop myself from buying so much since i was going through "buyer's remorse" myself lol! xx

  4. @Charlie: thank you!

    @Anita: Thank you so much! I've stopped going to the mall or many shops almost completely because I like to buy things compulsively! ha :)