Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ombré Hair: The Broke Girls Dye Job

(ämbrā′, äm brā)


shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color

So its obvious that one of 2010's biggest hair trends was the ombré dye job. The look is basically a fade from a darker color to a light one or vicesa versa. Its a versatile dye job that you can adjust for all four seasons. ALSO it's great if you can't afford constant touch ups and or don't have the time to do so. This was a popular dye job during the Spring and Summer time of this year but it seems to be making its way into the Fall and Winter months.

I've NEVER EVER dyed my hair before! My friend offered to give me a free dye job for a hair show so I totally took the offer! I was scared because I didn't want to have to deal with roots and all that stuff. Plus, I'm the ULTIMATE procrastinator. So I knew I would have horrible roots if I went with highlights or a lighter color.

I settled with the ombré dye job because it fits me perfectly! No constant touch ups, cheap to maintain, and TRENDY!? I'm there. Ha.

This is how it turned out:

I really like it. I admit at first I was FREAKED OUT. I did cry a little bit... but now it's all good! Its looks best with a relaxed curl or wavy. I'm thinking of possibly going a little bit lighter like in the 4th picture on top of the post.

Gorgeous ways to wear ombré hair...
(thanks to Angel Vee)

Chestnut brown roots with golden brown ends
Dark brown roots with yellow gold ends
Deep red brown roots with apricot ends
Chocolate brown roots with flame red ends

Dark golden blonde with pale ends
Pale blonde roots with blue/black/brown bottom
Ash blone with lavender
Yellow blonde with pink

Have you tried the ombré dye job yet?


  1. I love it! it looks lovely on you!..

    At the moment i've got my summer hair (lightened with highlights) and its growing out, looks ugh! I think I might go for the ombre colour trend :)

    Malisha x

  2. brilliant hun, you really suit it, i'd never have the cajones to do it to mine!

    great blog!

  3. Well it's definitely a way to save money on touch ups and still be on trend. :]

  4. turned out UH-maaaaziiing!!! you look really beautiful and you have a gorgeous hair, i feel envy =)
    I'm back on my blog, i hope u stop by again.

  5. Love it ♥ I haven't tried an ombré hair dye? Hm. Well now that I cut most of my hair off lol I don't think i'd look right but maybe i'll try it in the future ♥

  6. It´s really cool! It´s perfect, so don´t do anything more in your hair, even make it lighter!!
    I´ve got curly hair, so i wear highlights, my root is darker than the rest of the hair, and I like it!In summer i prefer to get it lighter
    thanks for following me. Your blog is amaizing

  7. I'm the same as you, have never died my hair and keep procastinating because im worried about damage and the cost. The ombre looks amazing on you! I've been considering doing it for ages. Hopefully ill get the courage soon :)

  8. i haven't tried it, but it's sooooooooo in right now.

    it really suits you

  9. that came out really good, your friend did a great job

  10. I like it, it came out perfect!

  11. WOW you look stunning, it turned out really great
    I've never dyed my hair before and I really want a change, I thought dying my hair completely would be slightly too much and highlights werent really my thing, I'm so glad I came across this blog, ombre dye job is exacly what i was looking for!
    id really love it if you followed me too :)

  12. Love the ombre look! You did a great job :) I was thinking about doing it, but I've worked hard to get my black hair blond and I'm not ready to part with it yet. Maybe one day ;)

    Thanks for sharing. New follower here btw.



  13. You're hair looks great!
    I love love this new hair trend, I haven't really noticed it since I'm not big on hair, I'm more makeup..
    But WOW, now I'm inspired! hehe
    I think I'll try either
    Chestnut brown roots with golden brown ends OR
    Dark brown roots with yellow gold ends..

    Your hair is great btw and so is your blog :p
    check out my beauty blog?

  14. I am in love with ombre hair. I recently did a blog post on these hair! I absolutely love your haircolor, wish I could turn my hair like these!
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  15. oo I like, it's got an edgy feel to it :) adorable dog btw ^_^!

  16. that looks great! haha this is what my hair used to look like a while ago when i was a bit broke, and my stupid hair dresser charges way too much for redying roots.
    cute blog! new follower :)

  17. that's really pretty :D good job!

  18. Me encanta este look " Dos tonalidades"! Gracias por la visita, te agrego! Un beso desde España! :)

  19. aw thats so nice :)


  21. Hey!
    Thanks for following my blog!
    I like your blog about Ombre hair. I have noticed this trend in the celeb world, but I never understood it. However, I do very much so like it on you. It suits you!
    Let me know what you think about my Glamour Doll Look?


  22. Love this look! It's wonderful on you!

  23. You look fantastic! :) I'm like you, I'd be freaking out xD Actually I'd like to have a darker brown hair color but.. I'm only 13!! I think I'll die them darker when I'm going grey xD
    You're welcome to visit my blog whenever, but remember to leave a comment ;)

    I'm a follower!

  24. it looks great !! ^_^

    your doggie is so cute ! ^_^

  25. ♦You have an amazing blog and it is making me want to dye my hair so badly!♦


    Maybe you would follow back and check out my new looks post!

    CAT x

  26. I love this style... I always lust oer it in magazines, but my hairs a bit too short at the moment :) Looks fab on you! xo

  27. Reminds me so much of dip dye- going blue at the ends, recently dyed my hair purple but going back to brown!
    So following!
    Please visit back at

  28. Oh, this looks great on you!! I have been eyeing Jessica Biel's hair for a little while now - it looks so pretty on her too!

  29. Haha I have it the other way round: lighter at the top and darker at the tips. But it happened unintendedly because my last coloration just didn't soak in so good ^^

    Btw I like how yours turned out!

  30. Hi,
    I just found your site, it's awesome! Thanks for the hair tips and am now following you, wanna follow me back X0X0

  31. I never get the impression that it would suit me. :( x

  32. I love this type of hair color! I think it looks great on you. Love your cute doggy, I also have a pom =)

  33. I love it! It looks awesome on you, Ive been wanting to do it but my ends are so fried! hehe

  34. Thank you to all you lovely ladies!!! <33

  35. beautiful post :) i'm new on blogger :) your blog is awesome :) if you want to follow me i'll follow you back :D xoxo

  36. I Love this hair style! I had no idea it was an actual way to dye your hair.. normally I just let my hair grow out cause Im super lazy with touch ups... lol

  37. LOVE THE COLOR!!! Ombré rocks!!! I currently just let my hair grow without touching it up...So I'm glad to know, it's the new style...


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  40. It looks amazing!!
    Lovely blog!!

    Sabrina O.

  41. I really want this hair! you did so well xx

  42. That colour looks lovely on you, and you have gorgeous hair anyway! Cute puppy ^^

    xxx Charlie
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  43. good idea, you looks great ;)

  44. Harika blog..wov amazing! lovely kısses

  45. Your hair is gorgeous!


  46. I LOVE your hair!!!!!
    And you are so pretty.

  47. keke thx gorgeous follower. I love your hair in the 2nd pic of you with the dog! Looks super glamorous. I should do something similar because I have major regrowth - literally, half black half brown >.< but I don't want to chop it off yet cos I want long hair. I actually tried dying it all black with Garnier product but it washed off in a month=( You've gave me a great idea!

  48. i wanted to do this last year march for my wedding. i didn't know the term for it then. my friend asked her hairstylist about it. The stylist never heard of it. they thought it was just grown out hair. made me think i was crazy. btw, how did you lighten your hair without it going orange? did you use bleach or just dye?

  49. Hey Doll! Thanks for following me! Love your blog! I'm following you back.
    Your hair looks awesome! I love the ombre look.
    Is that a Pom!? I have one too!
    xoxo, Mary

  50. Oh my gosh I love your hair! I may have to try this someday... we will see. And thanks for following! :) You are too sweet. And your puppy is so cute! I have a little chihuahua :)

    Ashley Sloan

  51. you are very pretty

  52. Love this! I'm thinking about doing my hair Ombre style liked you did! I'm bringing the pictures you used to my Hair Dresser !

    Thanks love,
    Shannon xx

  53. Awh looks lovely on you! But how much did it cost?
    Greta M x